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Evangeline's Rabbit Hole

Faerie, where are you going?

Banner For Hurt-Comfort Bingo - Round 6
I have a banner I didn't even know about! -_-''

Hurt-Comfort Bingo - Round 7
Was I surprised to realize I haven't been around the fanfic world since February, 2015. 2-0-1-5!

Don't know if I'll make any bingos, but, here is the card!

My hc_bingo cardCollapse )

HC-Bingo: 6th Round Card!
My hc-bingo cardCollapse )
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HC-Bingo February Challenge
I did it ;)

You can find the story here: Stay (a Fairy Tail fanfiction)


HC-Bingo February Challenge: Card
So, I decided to make a comeback to the fanfiction word. I missed it!

The February challenge of the Hurt-Comfort Bingo was to match the four prompts in one story.

My cardCollapse )

HC-Bingo is open for Round 5!
And here is my card!

My cardCollapse )

Hurt-Confort Bingo Banners!
And these were the banners I won in round 4 of the hc-bingo!


Happy December!
NaNoWriMo time is over! And I won this year again! yeeey! My novel isn't done yet, but I have no creativity left for it now. I'll just  let it sit for a couple of weeks before I get back to it.

So, back to my beloved fanfic world, which I miss greatly. Seems like a year passed by since I last wrote one!


November is Coming.
Hi, there!

So, if you read any of my stories... Pretend I died during November, but will be brought back as a vampire in December.

If you are a mod and somehow I compromised to you in any ways, sorry, but I did foget about it and won't be doing it anymore. You can punish me, of course. Just choose a method.

So, Happy Halloween, everyone! And happy November noveling!


Dear Yuletide Author!
Hi, there! So, you got stuck with me, lucky you! XDD

Basically what I really don't dig is rape and slash - the former way more than the latter, of course. What I requested don't really include any of those, but I always like to double check. So, let's go to the fandoms!

The Taylor Swift SongsCollapse )

RevengeCollapse )

Dissidia Duodecim: Final FantasyCollapse )